There are lots of mosquitoes at home, try to keep this fish

When discussing the issue of eradicating mosquito larvae, many people often choose the use of abate powder as the solution. however, you should reconsider this matter because it could be that the chemical can be dangerous if it doesn’t dissolve completely.

Therefore, the admin will discuss mosquito larvae-eating fish as an alternative to eradicating larvae so that dengue fever does not occur among us, friend.

Fish that eat mosquito larvae are natural enemies for mosquito larvae which serve as natural predators. These freshwater fish will prey on mosquito larvae so that the mosquito population in the environment will decrease without the need for chemical drugs, guys.

This fish can be included in the 3M+ program to prevent the breeding of the Aedes aegypti mosquito which causes dengue fever, so you can think about making this ornamental fish as a pet at home.
Types of ornamental fish that eat mosquito larvae.

In the case studies that have been studied, other parts of the country also choose to keep this fish as a way to get rid of Aedes mosquitoes around the house.

1. Guppies
Guppies are types of ornamental fish that are suitable for eradicating mosquito larvae in aquariums. Its small size can reach mosquito larvae in the corner of the aquarium or pond that cannot be touched by the mouths of other larger fish.


Although small, guppies are voracious fish and can eat mosquito larvae up to their own weight. based on research, guppies are able to eat up to 100-500 mosquito larvae per day so it is very suitable to be used as mosquito larvae repellent fish. Very greedy, buddy, you have a small body, but that’s why it’s like a porter portion…

There are two types of fish that are considered as guppies, namely the colorful gupi (Poecilia reticulata) and the silver gupi (Gambusia affinis) or also known as alien fish or mosquito fish. Gupi mosquitoes are more effective at preying on mosquito larvae. This is the first point to make a pet at home.

However, guppies breed very quickly and as a result, your tank can fill up quickly. So don’t let these guppy fish be thrown into the ditch, if you can make your own pond or if you like it can be fried directly, yes, the strongest reason why it should not be thrown into the ditch is that it will disrupt the food chain in the natural ecosystem, friend.

As a workaround, you can feed the guppies to other aquatic animals, such as turtles or frogs. You can also sell or give it at the fishmonger to be used as feed for other larger fish. This can be a solution, buddy, it’s pretty good to get free food for other pets.

2. Tin head fish

Tin Head Fish (Aplocheilus panchax) also means small fish that can live healthy in ditches and stagnant waters. They have often survived in the wild. Their ability to become mosquito-eating fish is no doubt because the main food is insects or other tiny animals that pool on the surface of the water, so the ability to eat larvae is very good and doesn’t need to be taught anymore, my friend.

Tin Head Fish

A study says that the lead head fish is able to prey on 53-65 mosquito larvae in just 3 hours. Wow, that’s fantastic, guys, but it’s still a matter of the capacity to eat, there’s still a lot of guppies, my friend. but the amount is much different than the use of other mosquito larvae predators, such as turbicifid worms and chironomid larvae. They are nothing compared to this fish.

3. Goldfish

Research reveals that goldfish can eat almost all mosquito larvae that float on the top of stagnant water. It can be one puff, because the goldfish is much bigger than the fish that was mentioned earlier.
Goldfish themselves have various sizes and colors. For those of you who want to keep goldfish in ponds, you can choose goldfish which are large and darker in color, which can be used as food or resold at high prices. Unless you want to make goldfish, choose goldfish that are lighter in color and smaller in size.


This small goldfish can be chosen if the pond you have is smaller and planted with various plants or ornamental rocks. We often see in tourist attractions that are often encountered, such as parks or swimming pools.

4. Broom fish

ikan sapu sapu

Maybe you already understand that the broom fish can clean the stains or dirt that is under your aquarium pond. but did you know that broom fish are also included in mosquito larvae-eating fish?
Yes, broom fish are known to be able to eat mosquito larvae. In addition, the broom fish are also able to consume dead plants and fish under the aquarium.

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But it can’t be predicted that the broomstick fish will grow quickly and big, so make it a habit to provide a large pond or an aquarium that is larger than the usual size of the aquarium.

5. Golden orfe

Golden Orfe

Golden orfe is a freshwater fish whose skin is golden. Besides being able to reduce the number of mosquito larvae on the top of the water, this fish is also able to jump to eat mosquitoes that are flying. This mosquito-eating fish can grow up to 50 centimeters. What a strange fish, my friend, but this fish is also effective for eating adult mosquitoes.

6. Cere fish

Other larvae-eating ornamental fish are cere fish or Gambusia affinis. This type of fish is known to be the most effective in eradicating mosquito larvae, so it is considered a mosquitofish. Eumm, including the mosquito fish, it turns out this is my friend.

Cere Fish

The female cere fish can eat up to 200 mosquito larvae in one hour. Wow, they eat larvae so fast that they can eat floating mosquito larvae. Besides mosquitoes they also like to eat beetles and some other larvae.

7. Betta fish
The type of ornamental fish that eats mosquito larvae in the bathroom is the famous betta fish. This fish is able to eat mosquito larvae, including Aedes Aegypti.

ikan cupang
Betta fish are effective for eradicating mosquito larvae in water reservoirs, because they can survive in inadequate places, they can survive with little air circulation.

So this article was made, so my friend just choose which fish to be used as an alternative as ornamental fish while eating mosquito larvae, just comment below what fish you keep …. remember the admin will be very happy to hear your story about the ornamental fish you guys keep. Enough of this article, my friend.

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