Tips on how to care for cats that are good and right

 Cats are one of the most popular pets because of their cute and adorable attitude. Although cats have a spoiled nature that makes them suitable as daily companions at home, they are also quite independent animals.

For you cat lovers, keeping cats is of course a pleasure in itself. Even though it’s fun, it still takes commitment for those who decide to have a pet.


There are many things that need to be considered, starting from adequate food and drinking prizes, adequate washing of feces, having to keep the cat clean, to having the cat checked by a doctor when he has health problems.

Tips for Caring for Cats

here are some suggestions that you can prepare and do to care for cats. What are they? Here are some tips and tricks on how to care for cats

Tell the people of the house

Although there are many people who like cats, there are also many people who do not like them. In fact, not a few will actually feel uncomfortable and disturbed by the presence of a cat nearby.

Therefore, before deciding to get a cat, first tell this intention to your family or people who live in the same house as you. Do they then not mind if we keep cats at home?


Taking care of a cat is essentially the same as caring for a child. not only requires money but also will change your life as well as a commitment in the long term. So make sure to be committed when deciding to adopt a cat.


because not only is it funny to have a pet, it also means you have a responsibility to meet their needs, starting from food, housing, health, to safety.

Regular Care

The next step to properly care for cats is to provide regular grooming. Whether it’s a cat with short hair or a cat with long hair, you need to comb it regularly. using a cat’s fur combing regularly, then it will help remove dead hair from its feathers so it is not swallowed.
Prepare a safety room
The “safety room” itself doesn’t have to be a separate room but can be a hidden corner for him to be alone and rest. A safe room is generally needed for cats that have just entered a residence.

First Health Check

Make a vet visit to check his health condition. From this first health check, you will then find out what needs he needs. After that, schedule regular vet visits.
These regular visits will then give the vet an opportunity to be able to detect various potential cat ailments at the early stages, clean the cat’s teeth and administer vaccines.

Provides hygienic water

Don’t forget to provide clean water every day for him. You can put clean water in a bowl or glass for drinking. Besides that, you can also use a special fountain area that makes it easier for cats to drink. Don’t forget to make sure to keep updating the water regularly to ensure cleanliness.

Invite to Play

Cats love to play and are experts at making up their own play. Playing with a cat will certainly be a fun activity, not only for him, but for you too. Before you buy expensive cat toys, try experimenting with things found around the house. for example, is that cats usually like to play with plastic bags, or cardboard boxes. You can play with these objects and your favorite cat.

Understand Basic Cat behavior

Become a new cat owner, learn to understand that cats are individualistic creatures with very strong instincts. Cats need time before they can adjust to the lifestyle around them. not out of sync with you, which of course also takes time to adjust to their unique personality and behavior.

Provide relative Litter Box

Provide adequate litter box for him. The general rule of thumb for cat litter boxes is one for each cat, so if you have two cats you should have at least 3 litter boxes. To encourage a cat’s habit of using its litter box properly, make sure you always keep it clean so that it remains comfortable to use. Routine cleaning will also help you notice any changes in the cat’s urine and feces that could indicate health problems. Besides that, teach the cat to always defecate in its place since he was a kitten.

Comb Her Fur Every Day

Combing and brushing your cat’s coat every day will help reduce clumps of hair. Well, if these clumps of hair are not combed, he can be swallowed by a cat when he licks them. Even swallowed feathers will disturb the digestive tract and make the cat vomit. so make sure you continue to take the time to brush its fur every day.

Understand Cat Food Needs

Cats need food in synchronized portions so they are not too fat and not too thin. Count how much you weigh to find out. Cats generally need a food of 2 percent of their body weight. If he weighs about 5 kilograms, then he needs to eat 100 grams per day. Make it a habit to deliver two meals a day.

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while in kittens, of course, more quantity of food is needed. Kittens themselves can eat 4 times or even 6 times a day. Provide culinary from animal meat such as chicken, beef, fish, or others. Avoid giving vegetable food because it will be difficult for him to digest. now there are also many choices of ready-to-eat food from animal food makers that can be your choice.

Don’t say too much dry food

unlike dogs, cats rely heavily on meat as their daily staple food. when he is given too much dry food, he will consume too many carbohydrates and it will have a negative impact on his health.

Cats that eat dry food too often are generally prone to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, always make sure the proportions of wet food and dry food are balanced, OK!

Routinely Take Cats to the Doctor

At first cats were wild animals that turned into domestic animals and lived in human homes. Therefore, you must diligently take your beloved cat to the vet for animal vaccinations. Cats are also required to receive anti-worm vaccines, rabies injections, and other routine checks.

have their own cage or sleeping area

The next way to take care of a cat is to provide a separate place for it, prepare a comfortable place for the cat to sleep at night, there are many different kinds of cat beds that are sold at pet shops that can be an option. Make sure the cat is in a comfortable condition and kept warm when he sleeps, because cats don’t like cold places.


If you let the cat roam in the house, even in the bedroom, then be diligent in washing it. Cat hair that is left dirty and falling out can scatter and stick to anywhere such as piles of clothes to the mattress. If left unchecked, dirty cat fur can actually hamper human health, especially in respiratory problems.

In addition, if we don’t maintain the cleanliness of the cat using it properly, it will also have a bad impact on the health of the cat itself. Cat fur that is not cleaned can become a nest of fleas for disease-carrying bacteria. use special soap and shampoo for cats so that the cat’s hair does not fall out easily when he is bathed.

Don’t forget to clean your ears, teeth and nails regularly. because this section is very susceptible to germs and bacteria. when bathing a cat, use cold water or plain water. Avoid using hot water because it can inhibit the fur and cause irritation to the skin.

Make sure the cat is sufficiently hydrated

Domestic cats do not have a thirst drive like dogs. They actually need most of the water from the food they eat. Dry food itself is homogeneous, it only contains five to ten percent water. therefore, give the cat food with a content of 70% water. Also make sure the cat receives access to clean water at all times.

Older cats and cats that are nursing themselves are often more prone to fluid loss than other cats, so watch closely for signs such as lethargy, sunken eyes and panting.

Train a Cat to use a Scratch Pole

Feeling irritated when the sofa or other objects are clawed by your cat? Well, to avoid this, try to teach him to use scratching posts, so they won’t scratch valuable furniture in the house.

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Try placing a scratch in the middle of the crafting space and then grab his attention. If he’s not really interested, you can give the treats around the poles or sprinkle some catnip between them. Besides that, you can also move it gradually to another place after the cat finally gets used to using it.

Perform Sterilization

A female cat can be very uncomfortable when she is in heat. Neutering her can then put her more at ease and prevent her from being impregnated by other cats too often. in male cats, heat alone can trigger fights with other cats. Well, these fights then run the risk of transmitting disease through their claws and bites. therefore consider neutering pet cats.

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