11 best food cat in 2022, whiskas?

Nutrition and relative nutrition are important for the growth of pet cats and their health. Check out the best cat food brands below!

Of course, nutrients and vitamins are important for your beloved cat to get. more dominated by vitamins and nutrients that your cat gets from the food they consume.

Therefore, it is very important to choose cat food that fits what it needs. So from that, in order to give the best to the kittens, Toppers need to look at the content and nutrition found in cat dry food or wet food.

11 Cat Food Recomended for your pets

So that your cat’s appetite is beautiful, you can combine dry food and cat wet food. Moreover, this one animal likes to try new things, certainly doesn’t want to eat that’s all.
New quality cat food
To help you find beautiful and quality cat food brands, let’s take a look at the list below!

1. Cat food Dry Food Coucou


Coucou is a brand of cat food from Germany which has a variety of good nutrition for kittens. Every kibble in Coucou has gone through a vacuum dehydro-freezing technology process that locks in the original advantages of selected fresh meat ingredients as high as protein.

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guys can choose the Tuna for kitten Coucou variant for cats aged 4 weeks to 18 months. In addition, there are three variants of All Life Stages, namely salmon, tuna and chicken & beef. All Coucou cat culinary products do not contain pork and addictive substances, so they are safe, healthy and nutritious for your beloved pet cats.

2. Food Cat Wellness Natural Cat Food Grain Free


This cat culinary product originates from the United States. The content of Wellness Natural Cat Food is very good for the growth of kitten and adult cats. most importantly, all the ingredients use real turkey meat, Toppers.

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for kittens, give the Deboned Turkey & Chicken Dry Formula product, while for adult cats it is suitable for consuming Turkey Meal & Duck. All Wellness Natural Cat Food products do not contain wheat flour or dyes or flavours.

3. Nature Bridge Beauty Cat Food For All Life Stages

Nature Bridge Beauty Cat Food offers cat food containing bonito fish, blueberries and flax seed. These three ingredients are very good for supporting hair growth and nourishing cat skin.

Nature bridge Cat Food

This one cat food can provide resistance to cat fur and skin, as a result, cat fur can be softer and shiny. It is known, the protein content contained in this cat food reaches 30%.

4. Food Cat Whiskas

Whiskas creates cat food that gives cat owners the assurance that they are giving their pets healthy and tasty food. Whiskas also provides dry and wet cat food according to age.


Whiskas works with the WALTHAM Center for Pet Nutrition to develop products that enhance care and nutrition, and ensure all of its cat food is full of natural goodness.

5. Food Cat Proplan

Proplan believes that the best life for cats is possible through the power of nutrition. Proplan cat food is designed to help your pet cat to be more energetic and healthy.

Proplan Food Cat

permanently maintaining ideal body health conditions, healthy skin, and healthy hair at every stage of life, from youth to adulthood.

6. Royal Canin cat food

Royal Canin Kitten and Adult Cat support the cat’s immune system with complex antioxidants, vitamin E, and prebiotics contained in them.

Royal Canin Food Cat

Apart from that, this cat food is also a great source of calcium because it is equipped with protein, vitamins and minerals which function to support the formation of bones and teeth.

7. Felibite Cat food

Felibite’s cat food is formulated using balanced nutrition to help increase the stamina and immunity of your beloved cat.

Felibite Cat Food

This cat food is also equipped with Omega 3 and Omega 6 for healthy fur, taurine for healthy eyes, and yucca extract to reduce the odor in your cat’s feces.

8. Food Cat Friskies

With delicious natural ingredients, Friskies cat food provides all the goodness for your cat’s nutritional needs.

Friskies Cat Food

This cat food contains protein for tissue maintenance, carbohydrates for energy, fats and oils for shiny hair and skin.

There are also vitamins and minerals for strong bones and a healthy physique, and fiber for the digestive system.

9. Me-O cat food

Me-O cat food has a complete and balanced nutritional content for your cat.

Me-O cat food contains Taurine which is an essential amino acid for eye function and can also improve cat vision.

Me o Cat food

In addition, this cat snack is also equipped with vitamin C

which helps boost the immune system and calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus to help strengthen bones and teeth.

10. Cat food Maxi

Maxi cat food is enriched with L-Lysine which is beneficial for immunity and stimulates appetite and contains yucca plant extract to reduce odor in your cat’s litter.


there are also vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E to boost the cat’s immune system and health.

Omega 6 and Omega 3 in Maxi cat food are also useful for giving cats healthy skin and fur.

11. Equilibrio cat food

Equilibrio cat food contains many nutrients and vitamins needed for the growth of your beloved cat.

one of the amazing brands of cat food is proven to be able to increase the weight of your pet cat and produce odorless cat litter.

Equilibrio Cat Food

so Equilibrio cat food is very suitable for consumption by cats that are kept indoors.
That’s a choice of good and quality cat food brands that you can choose for your cat’s health, friend. Pet cats, especially when they are still small, need nutrition and nutrition that is not only abundant, but also suitable for what it needs.

Reference : Tokopedia

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